Dental Sealant Benefits

If you’re considering helping your smile with dental sealants, then you’re on the right track toward a top-notch oral health. Our dentists, Dr. Freed, Weibe, Pranke, and Dr. Schulte, recommend dental sealants to many people because they provide a variety of different benefits. Those benefits include: -Dental sealants can protect... Read more »

Answer Your Questions on Cavity Prevention Treatments

Beware the numerous aspects of your life that could be contributing to dental erosion and the risk of cavities. Not only can your cleaning habits effectively influence your oral health, but so too can your dietary choices, the habits you partake in, and the frequency of visits to your dentist.... Read more »

Make Your Next Lunch Tooth Friendly With These Three Tips

Your smile tends to suffer when you are rushed at lunchtime. We encourage you to take this time now to plan a more tooth-friendly lunch. We offer a few tips to help you make lunchtime more beneficial for your smile. 1. Choose wisely. Though chewy, sugary food tastes great, they... Read more »

Why We Offer Custom-Made Dentures

If you are considering receiving dentures, you do not need to settle for a pair of pre-made generic dentures that could fit anyone. Our team offers customized dentures that provide the stability, strength, and appearance you deserve. While pre-made dentures can provide the primary function--replacing missing teeth--they do not meet... Read more »

The Culprits Behind a Cracked Tooth

There are many dental issues in the world today that can alter your oral health and damage your smile, and tooth enamel cracks are one of them. Unfortunately, there are many things that could cause a cracked tooth. To help you avoid those causes, our dentist, Dr. Chris Freed, is... Read more »

Oral Health Treats for Halloween

Have you been taking good care of your teeth and gums this year? Are you ready to implement an effective holiday plan to ensure maximum happiness while keeping your smile safe at the same time? Ask yourself the following questions to determine if your oral health care's ideal for this... Read more »

Maintaining the Strength of Dental Crowns

We stand by the impeccable work we perform in our office, and an oral crown from Dr. Chris Freed can be counted on to last for years to come. However, each mouth is unique, and everyone experiences (and eats and chews) different things, so crowns from time to time need... Read more »

Cleaning and Caring for your Dentures

Dentures are not your natural teeth, and with that in mind, you may think that your days of brushing are over. However, the truth is that your dentures need to be cleaned on a regular basis, since plaque and food debris can accumulate on them, especially between your dentures and... Read more »

Gum Disease and Oral Health

Periodontitis, also called gum disease, is a common oral health threat in the lives of Americans. In fact, did you know that 47.2% of patients over the age of 30 have some form of gum disease? Well, it’s true! What is it, exactly? Periodontitis is a serious infection of your... Read more »

Making an Effort to Prevent Cavities

No matter how hard you may try, sometimes it seems that cavities sneak into your mouth despite your best effort. Making an effort to prevent cavities is always a good idea, but you can always use additional help. Listed below are some ways to prevent cavities: - Make an effort... Read more »