What if you could have a perfectly straight, dazzlingly white smile without any effort of your own? Well that smile that you have always dreamed of can now be yours with Lumineers from Canton Dental Clinic! Lumineers are not just a funky folk rock band; they are also an exciting... Read more »

Canton Dental’s Summer Intern Program

Over the summer we had the joy of hosting two senior dental interns from the University of Nebraska Medical College for three weeks. This program gave two young ladies the chance to experience real-world dental clinic work while also providing community service. For Canton and the surrounding communities this meant free... Read more »

Canton Dental Clinic’s Newest Staff Member!

Canton Dental Clinic welcomes Angela Waldner to their staff. Angela grew up in Harrisburg and graduated with a degree in business from SDSU. She enjoys traveling, running, reading, and spending time with friends and family. Welcome to the family, Angela!

Dr. Garrity

Dr. Garrity has been working at Canton Dental Clinic for 2 months now and absolutely loves it here. It was quite an exciting second week of work - she survived the flood of 2014 and got to know her staff rather quickly during muddy clean up duty! Dr. Garrity is... Read more »

Athletic Mouth Guards

“Canton Dental Clinic is now providing custom made mouthguards to Canton High School athletes free of charge”. Please contact the clinic for impression appointment. View details on Canton High School’s website.


If a tooth is avulsed, make sure it is a permanent tooth. Primary (baby teeth) should not be replanted) Keep the patient calm. Find the tooth and pick it up by the crown (the white part). Avoid touching the root. If the tooth is dirty, wash it briefly (10 seconds)... Read more »