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Through the advances in technology throughout time, braces are one thing that have remained constant. Have you ever wondered how much you really know about those mysterious metal squares on  your teeth? Here is a list of four orthodontic myths and facts to clear up any unfinished business you and your braces may have with one another:

MYTH: Braces are very painful and can take a long time – as in several years –  to accomplish their result.

FACT: There are many types of braces that can’t be seen in the mouth at all. There are different types of braces that will fit anyone’s lifestyle who chooses to wear them.

MYTH: Braces are only for kids.

FACT: Braces are for anyone at any age. About 20 percent of orthodontic patients are actually adults. While adult teeth take longer to move than baby teeth do, it is definitely possible and, in fact, common for adults to get braces.