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If you don’t have a tip-top smile, we can give you one of ours. Dental science is moving forward fast and we can move with it by keeping your smile updated and perfect. One dental technology that can cultivate beauty is called a veneer. Veneers are custom-made ceramic coverings that fit over teeth, giving them a smooth, white, and natural look. Come into Canton Dental Clinic so we can create a new and custom smile for you.

So how do you know if veneers in Canton, South Dakota, are a good choice for you? Listed here are some reasons that patients choose veneers:

— Tooth Discoloration — Because of genetics or bacterial invasion over time, teeth can lose their bright white shine, becoming yellow. Also, the teeth can become blemished. Veneers are a great way to restore their true glow.

— Chipped Tooth — Teeth can break or crack. Veneers will cover these flaws and also seal together any fractures.

— Misshapen — Sometimes, the shape of the tooth just doesn’t look right. Drs. Freed, Garrity, and Wiebe can create perfectly formed teeth for a designer smile.

The treatment begins with thorough cleaning. Once your teeth have been cleaned, they are prepared for a mold. Our dentists take an impression of them so the veneers can be created in a dental lab.

Your next appointment will be for veneer application. The veneers will be attached with advanced dental concrete, and, just like that, your smile is beautiful.

To see if veneers are the best option for you, make an appointment by calling our practice in at 605-987-2721.