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Over the summer we had the joy of hosting two senior dental interns from the University of Nebraska Medical College for three weeks.
This program gave two young ladies the chance to experience real-world dental clinic work while also providing community service. For Canton and the surrounding communities this meant free dentistry for those who would otherwise not be able to afford it. During their 3 week stay, senior dental interns Abbey McGee and Erin Lauer completed 179 X-Rays, 46 exams, 19 cleanings, 9 fluoride applications, 5 impressions, 21 sealants, 7 stainless steel crowns, 2 denture adjustments, 107 restorations, 53 extractions and 1 consultation. Dr. Schulte and his staff take great joy in providing free dentistry for our community through the summer intern program. Below is a picture of our 2 lovely interns. As you can see, they were very excited and eager to learn. We are so thankful to be able to have a program like this and look forward to it every summer!