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Dr. Garrity has been working at Canton Dental Clinic for 2 months now and
absolutely loves it here. It was quite an exciting second week of
work – she survived the flood of 2014 and got to know her staff rather
quickly during muddy clean up duty! Dr. Garrity is a transplant from
Missouri and moved up here for her husband’s job at Sanford Hospital where
he is a first-year resident. She and her husband, Joey, have enjoyed
exploring the outdoors around the area and look forward to many camping
trips with their 8-month-old puppy in tow. She feels lucky to be working
here and has enjoyed meeting the people of Canton and the surrounding areas.

“We love Missouri, but up here my husband and I have both observed how NICE
everyone is! We feel very welcome and look forward to getting to know more
people here” – Dr. Garrity