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What if you could have a perfectly straight, dazzlingly white smile without any effort of your own? Well that smile that you have always dreamed of can now be yours with Lumineers from Canton Dental Clinic! Lumineers are not just a funky folk rock band; they are also an exciting cosmetic dental solution to provide you with a perfect smile in a simple, 2 step process.

Lumineers are thinner than traditional veneers, meaning they can be placed directly over intact enamel. The minimally invasive nature of Lumineers also can eliminate the need for anesthesia, and you will not even need temporaries.Our talented Lumineers Certified Dentists encourage you to take advantage of a Digital Lumineer Smile (LumiSmile) photo and complimentary consult at no cost to you.

Hundreds of patients who have chosen Lumineers are smiling with confidence today.

Call today to make your 2015 resolution to enhance your smile with Lumineers from Canton Dental Clinic.

                    Before Lumineers                                                   After Lumineers