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Your smile tends to suffer when you are rushed at lunchtime. We encourage you to take this time now to plan a more tooth-friendly lunch. We offer a few tips to help you make lunchtime more beneficial for your smile.

1. Choose wisely. Though chewy, sugary food tastes great, they stick to the surface of your teeth and affect your dental health. Instead, choose fresh fruit or some chocolate the next time you have a sweet tooth at lunchtime. We also encourage you to choose whole grains, seeds, and nuts over starchy and processed food, which can stick to your teeth and turn into sugar.

2. Watch what you drink. Many drinks contain a lot of sugar and acid, especially soda, fruit juice, and sports drinks. Water, plain milk, and chocolate milk are all better for your teeth. If you are craving a soda, drink water after to wash the acids and sugars from your mouth.

3. Choose foods that clean your teeth. In particular, celery, cucumbers, carrots, pears, and apples remove sugar and starch buildup while you chew, and yogurt and cheese help neutralize acids and protect your smile from harmful food.

At Canton Dental Clinic, we encourage you to make your next lunch one that benefits your smile. To learn more about how a healthy diet improves dental health in Canton, South Dakota, call 605-987-2721 and arrange an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Chris Freed.