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Do you ever wonder what you would do if you experienced a dental emergency? If so, our Canton Dental Clinic dental team would like to help you! Just like any natural disaster, it’s best to have a plan so you aren’t scared, stressed, or worried. Being calm during an emergency can help you have better results. So, to help you have a plan for an oral injury, your dentist, Dr. Chris Freed, and our dental team encourage you to include the following things in your plan:

-For a knocked-out tooth: If you knock a tooth out of your mouth, it’s best to find the tooth and keep it alive. To keep it alive, put it between your gums and cheek, in a glass of milk, or in a glass of water with a pinch of table salt. See your dentist as soon as possible.

-For a broken bridge or crown: If you have a broken dental bridge or dental crown, it’s best to avoid wiggling or playing with it. Moving it could harm the abutment within. If it has fallen out of your mouth, keep it in a safe place until your appointment. If possible, use over-the-counter dental cement to put it back into place. Don’t use superglue.

-For broken braces: If a band, bracket, or wire has been broken, try not to mess with it. If a part of the hardware is poking or bothering you, it’s best to cover that section with the orthodontic wax your orthodontist gave you. Make sure to schedule an appointment as soon as you can so you can get back on track with your treatment.

-For an injured tongue: If you’ve injured your tongue, try rinsing the blood and debris away by rinsing with lukewarm saltwater. You can place a wet cloth or gauze pad on the area to stop the bleeding. Make sure you apply pressure to the injury. If it won’t stop bleeding in about 30 minutes, it’s best to visit the urgent care.

Including these tips in your plan could help you have a better and healthier smile. For more information and details about what to do in an oral emergency in Canton, South Dakota, please call our office today at 605-987-2721 at your earliest convenience. We’re happy to give you the information you need!